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About us

Generations of the family carried the secretariat of the profession since the late fifties, where he received valuable Abdo nafiseh for his father's confectionery and Levantine ancient Damascene.

The center is still the first ancestor who form the first building block is located so far.

Group followed by a series of development operations to be the first breakthrough in the section of the bab Jabiya nucleus of Nabil Company Nafisa 1957

As a result of increased demand and the difficulty of getting customers to the product in the branch bab Jabiya branch was opened in 1993 Arnous help of God Almighty, who won a resounding success and met with great acclaim and had to be to follow the expansion and increase of branches at the request of customers,

Was a paradigm shift, expansion and development of the real in 1995 the establishment of the main lab with the latest machinery and industrial equipment of the company is still keen to support all that is new and modern to this day.

It was then the opening of branch alkosoor in 1999 was followed by a branch Mezze in 2001 and then Aguettah Yarmouk Branch in 2004 and Branch Harasta 2005 Branch Qudsaya 2006 and the grace of God Almighty has been the opening of a branch tanzem Kafar soseh in 2007, followed by branch Jaramana in 2008 and in the further development and prosperity. ..

- Her Nabil precious, his brothers, co-exist within the Damascus Fair's annual World Tourism Day 28 / 9 and was the pride of participation a number of foreign exhibitions food at the local level and the Arab world, also received a certificate of appreciation from the governor of the city of Damascus to gaining the first prize for the best dish damask events within the Damascus Festival atheist th culture and heritage
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